My Inner Whoville Warrior

Little Cindy Lou Who is all grown up and ready to go to war.  How does a Who, a whimsical, warm hearted and welcoming being, go to war? She paints her face, dons her favorite dress, and stomps it out on the runway!

Strong women are the inspiration for my work, be it the dress I’m designing or the look I’m trying to achieve on the runway.  In the past I’ve thought about women as masked super heroes or larger-than-life Amazonian women that can’t be stopped. The collection I’m showing next weekend in Boston, The Project Runway Designer Showcase, exposes my inner woman warrior. Models will be showing strength in wearing a whimsical color palette of oranges, pinks and purples, with flowing silk georgette and swinging fringe. Nothing says “I’m a confident woman” like wearing trash bags and strutting in Louboutin heels!  Strength doesn’t have to come from being physically powerful or confrontational, strength can come from making people smile, by owning your power in being unique and standing out in the crowd.

Last night, the final touches were completed as I worked for hours with Jessica Lane, an amazing makeup artist; Luke Taylor, a talented hair stylist; and two extremely patient models, Dana Quinn and Lexy Hollis, as we painted their faces and pulled their hair until the vision of a Who Warrior Princess was no longer a thought, but a living being ready to bring smiles and joy to everyone she encounters. I can not wait to share these women with you, but we will all have to wait until May 26th!

In an odd twist of fate,  I got home last night after a 6-hour fitting-hair-and-makeup marathon to a very personal attack on Facebook from an anonymous account. Cyber-bullying is an awful thing at any age. But as luck would have it, I had just spent the evening with my inner Cindy Lou Who. The green monster can sweep in and try to take away your joy and happiness, but he can not once you recognize that joy lives within, within my heart and the hearts and souls of those people that surround me. After the initial shock, I reach out to my loved ones, hold hands and sing:

”Fah who foraze! Dah who Doraze! Welcome Christmas, Come this Way! Fah who foraze! Dah who doraze! Welcome Christmas, Christmas Day!”

With a smile on my face and a twinkle in my eye, I can’t wait to slay the runway in Boston!




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