How do you use the straw?

The Hour Mask was designed to be worn for extended periods of time and allow the wearer to breathe and talk without needing constantly readjust their mask. The Happy Mask is similar to the Standard mask with two changes, the mask is slightly more narrow and a knit chin strap had been added to hug chin, but to stretch and allow talking and moving. The Happy Mask should be worn with the seam between the mask and the knit chin strap just above the jaw line so that only the knit fabric is under your chin. The Happy Hour Mask also has an added hidden grommet that allows the wearer to drink a beverage through a straw without removing their mask. Are you concerned about the environment and don’t want to use disposable straws? Well, we got you! Each Happy Hour Mask comes with a GoSili® reusable silicone straw wth its own carrying case.